Fun in the sky!

Get your summer fun started early with iKite, a fun and relaxing game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Just grab ahold of the strings and go!

Three available scenes

Sit back, relax, and watch your kite soar and fly gracefully through the air. With skilful maneuvering you can pull off some amazing dives, loops and tricks to impress your friends. It’s fun, simple and easy.

iKite comes with six different kites—Traditional, The Wing, The Sled, Zippy Flyer, Eye in the Sky, and Owltastic—each with different flight characteristics. Some are slow and easy to control kites while others are fast pro kites that require a skilful finesse master. You can also select from three different locations—High Kite Park, Salt Wind Beach and Dust Cloud Desert.

See how long you can stay aloft before you hit the ground and, we almost forgot, watch out for the birds!

Version 1.1 Released!

Version 1.1 has been released with minor updates and improvements including:

What iKite enthusiasts are saying

Here's just a few examples of the uplifting feedback iKite has received:

“Sit back and relax with iKite!”Review at iPhone in Canada.ca
“iKite’s beautiful graphics and simple mechanics immediately attracted my attention, but the challenge of mastering its surprisingly deep gameplay keeps me coming back for more.”Rob Drimmie
“iKite’s a happy app! Tricky, calming, silly fun ... all at the same time. Unique and simple gameplay. Lots of smart options like different types of kites and places to fly, and the obstacles and different winds make it a challenge too. Definitely highly recommend this gem!”Cocoa Touch Games
“Cool kite game Daddy!”Addison (2.5yrs)
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Need some more instruction?

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